Wall Décor Ideas: Top Tips to Make a Bold Statement

Are you tired of looking at the same old boring white walls?

Tackling the walls is perhaps the most daunting part of home renovation. It goes without saying that wallpapers are a very unique yet simple means to create a statement wall. They are among the hottest decor trends right now. That said, have anyone of you thought of different ways to decorate walls for your home?

Say good-bye to beige. Avoid ecru. Big and bold, but highly-curated walls are enough to add the element of lavishness in your home. There is a lot you can do with empty walls, adding a touch of yourself and your life to them. Let’s shun the old narrative of using the walls merely for hanging paintings. Now, they are spaces that reflect the taste and mindset of an individual.

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In the previous years, neon was used exclusively for commercial signs. It was a preferred color frat home décor. Now, people consider it a right blend of contemporary style and elegance. It is capable of giving a shot of sophistication to any room while compelling people to spark a conversation every time they see it.

When using neon at home, take hints from various hotels' decorations. Try to keep colors cohesive and leave your focus on one piece. Otherwise, it will give a messy look.

Wall Stickers

Commonly known as wall decal, wall stickers are one of the easiest ways to transform a wall. They are not only affordable but also easy to use. Additionally, they are customizable and removable. Therefore, even if you are not satisfied with the end result or want to switch it up for a better change, you can easily peel it off the wall and replace it with a new one!

The most significant thing to remember about adding wall stickers is to avoid placing them on uneven and bumpy textured walls. This is because of the fact that the sticker will not adhere and can, therefore, ruin the appearance of the decal. So, make sure to place the decal on the plain first and flat the wall surfaces to get the best outcomes.


Entryways are often overlooked but they are the ones that make the first impression. Most entryways feature a primary source of light including foyer pendants, chandeliers, or even a wide window in the front door letting in natural light. However, adding a wall sconce to this area can make it more welcoming. They can also be placed in small bedrooms to accentuate their ambience and make way for natural light that brightens up the room.


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So, experiment with these decor ideas and give a shot at transforming your home yourself!

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