All Foodies Unite! Here are some Saint Louis Eateries That You Must Visit Post-Pandemic

When it comes to being die-hard foodies, Saint Louisans are tough ones to beat. With a diverse culinary culture, Saint Louis is the city that’ll surprise you with every restaurant that you visit. From authentic Tex-Mex to surprising Italian menus, the Gateway to the West will leave you hungry for more. So make sure whenever you are visiting the city, you are carrying you’re carrying a huge appetite with you.

We have a feeling that you know where we’re headed, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Spectrum Saint Louis, MO

Best Eateries in Saint Louis, MO

Mac’s Local Eats

The first place is every burger lover’s dream and is situated inside a St. Louis neighborhood dive bar. Mac’s offers a nice range of burgers, made using the highest-quality beef that you can ever think of — we’re talking about dry-aged-beef level, folks! Plus, Mac’s serves these Cajun Boudin Balls that will surely send you into a no-return food coma, so you better come prepared for it.


If you like treating yourself to Italian cuisine every once and a while, then make Louie your next stop. Here, you’ll find an extensive Italian menu with an impeccable wine selection, which makes this one a hot spot to bring your dates.

Blues City Deli

Of course, the restaurants are good and all, but nothing can replace the magic a mighty sandwich can create on your taste buds. If you happen to be a sandwich enthusiast, then drop by at Blues City Deli. The place will remind you of home and their menu is like what you’ll expect at any other typical neighborhood Deli.

Blues City does an excellent job of creating New York-style Deli sandwiches, hearty Italian sandwiches, and classic Po Boys. Not only this, if you happen to be a vegetarian, then you certainly cannot miss their vegan options.


If you want to treat yourself to nice and homey, smoked meat delicacies then Publico should be your next destination. The restaurant offers a combo of Central and Southern American cuisine, where every item on the menu is cooked using the old-school smoking technique. Do you know why else do we like Publico? The food here is so light that you won’t feel like you’re carrying an enormous food baby as you walk out of the restaurant.

Salt + Smoke

If you crave for ribs, pulled meats and BBQ briskets, then Salt + Smoke will make the inner meat lover in you extremely happy. Here you’ll find some delicious meat options, along with appetizers that will make you hungrier and hungrier just as you keep devouring them. Plus, this place has an extensive drink menu, with more than 100 bourbons, and an array of different kinds of beers, and cocktails.

Reeds American Table

Reeds is a place that likes to make everybody happy. Its menu is pure delight for anyone. From America’s classic Burgers to finger licking Thai curries, Reeds is a restaurant for everybody!

The interior of this restaurant is dainty and peaceful. Plus, there’s even a bar inside, so if you decide to bring a few friends along to party, then you’re about to be in for the time of your life. But, once again, drop by Reeds, only once the current situation is better.


If you’re a person with taste buds that LIVE for middle eastern + Mediterranean flavors, then Olio is another restaurant that’ll make your tummy sing with joy! Olio is an Israeli restaurant that serves authentic Israeli flavors with a twist. From hearty servings of Hummus to Egg Salad with Anchovies and Lemon, Olio is the place you surely can’t miss visiting.

All We Can Do is Wait!

Sometimes, waiting for something has its own rewards. So, it doesn’t matter if your cravings intensify day by day, you can always whip up a serving of your favorite dish to eat right at your home. Once the lockdown is over, even we wouldn’t want to skip an opportunity of eating at these aforementioned restaurants. So, let’s use this time and get our appetites ready for the big feasts.

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