timeviewer is an app that solves problems and answers questions – instantly through audio and video. Using the latest mobile applications and efficient connectivity solutions, the app connects users instantly to an impressive roster of over 300 hand-picked professionals, instructors, medical experts, and trainers across an array of fields.


Serving more than 100,000 people, this latest mobile application, timeviewer, makes it easy to connect to experts right when you need them – even while at home. timeviewer’s network of expert physicians, instructors and experts specialize in remote virtual consultations, interacting with users to give guidance on treatment options, second opinions, expert opinions, and multidisciplinary video consults. Safe, fast and accessible for all, with timeviewer anyone can book a consultation with an expert of their choosing or ask a quick question. Moreover, the app welcomes experts of all specialties and niche expertise to join the community, allowing them to earn money working flexibly and choose their pricing and scheduled availability.

timeviewer is a regional one-of-a-kind virtual care and EdTech app:

1. Easiest and fastest access to rich database of experts. No more waiting rooms, busy schedules, book an online consultation at a time that suits you and connect with experts through the app.

2. State-of-the-art connectivity technology. timeviewer guarantees connectivity through audio, video or text regardless of internet connection. With Direct Call, users can connect through

3. Expand your personal development. Enroll in courses, stream broadcast, join forum discussions and expand your horizon.

4. 24/7 Live Support. Instant support for any technical issues, rescheduling or appointment changes.

5. International payment methods. Supporting all major currencies as well as regional and international payment methods

“Helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives is the driving force behind everything we do. Our platform allows the region’s top experts to share with you their wisdom, knowledge and expertise through audio and video,” said Mohammed Arab, Founder and CEO of BeInMedia. “Ultimately, we cover all facets of life that you may need help with because we’re here for anything you might need. Empowering people to make informed decisions, answering your queries and helping you grow as a person.”

With more than 300 experts, timeviewer brings together professionals across diverse fields and specialties, including: medical professionals, fitness instructors, dental hygienists, legal advisers, musicians, language tutors, personal and professional development instructors, life coaches, therapists, business professionals and more. timeviewer helps you harness the power of remote consultations at the highest level of expertise and knowledge, making this invaluable solution available to every user with just a quick download.

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