Happy birthday Jae

Happy birthday! It is right in between your birthday in America and Korea, so i'll just post this now. I hope you get better treatment from JYP and open up more about your struggles. My day are here for you! i hope you have a long, healthy life and contintue to do what you love, while making people happy

•?((¯°·._.• Ⓗ乇ℓⓛㄖ ùLт grØᑌƤ:N𝐂T ùℓ𝔱 bι𝔸S: 𝕄a𝓇𝕜 𝐋乇𝔢 şħє/Ĥᵉℝ •._.·°¯))؟• Hey, this is a k-pop fanpage i stan gg and bg Lets get along ok?
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