NCT 2020 [New Comeback Announced]

SM has announced that NCT will be releasing a large scale project like NCT 2018 next month! Those of you who do not remember NCT 2018 was the Empathy album in which all 18 members (at the time) of NCT participated in the album. All sub-units did as well. There is no information as of now confirming if the Chinese members of WayV will be participating yet.

Also I want to note that Mark is supposed to be rejoining NCT Dream so...there's also that to look forward to!

Note: If NCT U promotes in this project it will be their first official comeback since Yestoday's release in 2018. Side Note: NCT U did have a Station track in December of 2019.

Let's look at what NCT 2018 brought us again!

NCT 2018 Yearbook #1

NCT 2018 Yearbook #2

NCT U - Boss

NCT U - Baby Don't Stop

NCT Dream - Go

NCT 127 - Touch

NCT U - Yestoday

Ten - New Heroes

(This wasn't a part of NCT 2018 but was released between these two MVs so I wanted to list it anyways!)

NCT 2018 - Black on Black

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