Overcoming challenges in warehouse systems

What we call warehouses today, some time back they were known as godowns. The logistics sector has developed a lot since then and has become an important aspect of the Indian economy. It is a fast-growing sector and the way the current scenario of the market is driving it, it is undergoing some dynamic changes. The question is, is the warehousing sector shifting its course fast enough to meet the changes?

The manufacturers face issues when they do not have full visibility of their inventory. They can either face problems because of running out of stock at the critical moment or carrying too much stock which will increase the expenditures incurred. To avoid this dilemma, the article lays down a few pointers that might help you.

Maintaining inventory

Often manufacturers do not have a proper estimation of their stocks. They always have the risk of going out of stock or carrying too much stock. Either way, it is the manufacturer who has to incur all loses. So it is essential for the manufacturers to monitor all the movements thoroughly and then make the decisions. Although, it is often believed that it is better to have a little extra stock than having shortcomings, as it can lead to unfulfilled orders and unhappy customers.

Location of the inventory

warehouse spaces in Delhi

Maintenance facilities:

Before leasing a warehouse, it is important to ensure that the warehouse can provide all the facilities required. For example, certain manufacturers require a fully air-conditioned room for their goods, but facilities like these are not always available. Understand your needs first and then accordingly make a prudent choice for yourself.


One thing that no manufacturers would like is theft. Theft of the valuable goods is a serious issue that you need take care of. Before leasing the warehouse make sure that it has a proper security system for the protection of your cargos. At least one security personnel should be present and CCTV cameras should be installed at all exits and entries.

Redundant processes:

Technologies have changed the face of the world in the past few years. They make work easier and more efficient. Applying these technologies in the process can help us eliminate a lot of redundant processes. For example, barcode technology can be used to mark the cargos instead of maintaining messy and complicated documents.

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