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Our today’s guideline and important kitchen gadget picks could be the best relief in your everyday kitchen schedule.

Lloytron Travel Tea Kettle

This kettle tea set in cream or grey colour is basically a plastic mug with automatic on and off power button. It’s an easy heating tool that can be used when you need to instantly boil water or any liquid for your making. Just like when you are making hot coffee and you do not need to just do all the stove process; a tea kettle just does that quickly for you. It comes with Ultras light construction and a boil dry protection with a stainless-steel heating element. You can use this kitchen tool while travelling or even in your bedroom when you don’t feel like going kitchen unnecessarily.

Kenwood 300W Mini Chopper Kitchen Food Processor

Making sauces, spice-mixes for different kinds of recipes, salad dressings can take a good amount of time, especially if you decide to grind the ingredients yourself. Mostly old-age women like to do it themselves via mortar and pestle as they feel the spices would blend more firmly with that procedure. But now with more tech awareness, they are also switching to new kitchen gadgets. The Mini Chopper by Kenwood does the same for you and blends everything like a magic. Whether you are making a special sauce for your food recipe or just mixing up different spices and morsels, the mini food processor combines it finely. This mini processor includes stainless steel blades for the best chopping mechanism with 300W motor. This white mini machine serves like a miracle and can mix absolutely any cooking ingredient with 150g chopping capacity.

Lloytron Juice Extractor

A citrus reamer or juicer can take much more time and effort when you squeeze out your favourite fruit or vegetable juice. The Lloytran juice extractor comes with a Stainless-steel centrifugal sieve and automatic power plug. What you need to do is just put the fruit or vegetable in its cup holder and then press the pulse for extracting out juice. This one also has a juice and pulp separation and a waste container, so your juice has no lumps. Owning this machine can make you have healthy lifestyle with fresh juices every day. You would not need any excuse for draining out different kind of juices with complex procedures or buying it in expensive price from the juice bar. 

Premier Kitchen Table Cart Trolley With Wheel

This wooden wheel trolley will not only bring a new aesthetic to your kitchen but will help a lot when you have to carry your dinner or lunch to dining room. These trolleys are mostly helpful when guests arrive, and you have to serve right in front of them. This foundry table cart comes with a sturdy and strong metal frame with two wood fire shelves to place bigger goods. You can also use it for kitchen storage generally and make it a serving table whenever needed. It also has handles on the sides for hanging kitchen or eating towels. When you organize a party, you can serve drinks and snacks with this beautifully crafted trolley.

Lloytron Kitchen Perfected 2 Slice Sandwich & Omelette Maker

A sandwich seems really easy to make, but sometimes you might have to go somewhere in hurry especially in the morning time.  Some people would go to their high school, some have to make it to their office or anywhere else. In these scenarios a sandwich maker will help you bake the sandwich or your favorite crepes instantly. Just put everything together in the maker and voila – Your sandwich, omelet or crepe is made without standing up over the stove for a longer time.

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