During the dry seasons, every type of skin becomes dry and creates dead skin cells so your makeup can look ugly with dry patches on your face! When seasons change, and the wind blows, your dryness will become worse and your skin will become sensitive. Not only can the weather dry your skin, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor cause dryness as well. These can cause your skin to have acnes, dried patches, and roughness. It is important to exfoliate your face every so often that your skin remains healthy and smooth! There are different types of skin, like dry, oily, sensitive, and these skin types have different ways to exfoliate! HERE ARE SOME TIPS FOR EACH SKIN ON HOW TO EXFOLIATE: 1. DRY SKIN (& COMBINATION SKIN) If your skin type is dry, you might feel tightness after you wash your face, extreme need of moisture, and get lots of dried patches. Since your skin produces less oil, your skin will suffer through the winter and fall, this is why it is crucial to exfoliate once a week if you have a dry skin. But since your skin is extremely dry, you should not use heavy duty exfoliator for your skin because this can worsen your skin right away. -THE BEST EXFOLIATOR FOR DRY SKIN : The best exfoliator for dry skin is a light-weight and gentle products. For improvement in your skin, I would recommend Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish. Now, why is this the best exfoliator for dry skin? This product exfoliates dead skin cells, controls your blackheads, and MOISTURIZES your dry skin. The Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish contains black sugar, Shea butter, cranberry oil, andiroba oil, vitamin E, which helps with exfoliating, moisturizing, enhancing your skin. Once a week, you would apply this polish with 2-3 drops of water or cleansing oil (after washing your face), and gently massage your skin in circular motion, then rinse! If you use this scrub mixed with a facial cleansing oil, you can see the effect of removing blackheads as well. If you continue to use this product every week, you can keep your skin moisturized and healthy! 2. OILY SKIN You might think that your skin does not need exfoliating because your skin is oily, but oily skins actually produce lots of dead skins and wastes that might make you start breaking out! It is important to exfoliate at least twice a week with a gentle exfoliator. Not only that, you still need to moisturize your skin with lots of water based products just like dry skin! -THE BEST EXFOLIATOR FOR OILY SKIN : If your skin is oily, I would like to recommend the Gently Vita Exfoliator. This product can transform your skin to silky and smooth skin because it includes vitamin capsules. These vitamin capsules help to brighten the skin and are extremely effective at removing dead skin cells. It would be the best exfoliator for oily skin because it can get rid of pore-deep wastes and excess skin oil with micro capsules. It is extremely quick and easy to use, and includes beneficial ingredients for oily skin. All you have to do is apply this over the face, massage, and wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this step twice a week with this product, and your skin will definitely improve. 3. SENSITIVE SKIN If you have a sensitive skin, it is important to use the gentlest product to exfoliate your skin. Since it is so sensitive, your skin can become irritated and create redness due to the cold weather. It is important to moisturize and use organic products ever so carefully so that your skin remains clean and flawless. -THE BEST EXFOLIATOR FOR SENSITIVE SKIN : For your sensitive skin, the best exfoliator would be something that has easy, quick step applicant, and hypoallergenic to your face. I would like to recommend Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser because it contains main component of protein, instead of chemicals. This face wash is particularly recommended for sensitive skin because it’s a face cleanser that can also exfoliate your skin. This Foaming cleanser keeps your skin moisturized, and removes dead skins and dirt off your face. Just use this cleanser daily, and massage with the bubbles, then your skin will be clean and waste-free. I hope you realized that it is VERY important to exfoliate your skin all the time, so don’t be lazy! With these steps and recommendations of best exfoliator for each skin type, keep your skin flawless and smooth every day and become confident with your skin! ▶To get 5 USD voucher on your Wishtrend account, write this code on your SignUp page! (Invitation Code: 11725303)◀

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