How long do keratin treatments take?

Keratin treatment depends upon the stylist, but normally it will take two to four hours for the treatment. They start the treatment with a quick shampoo and conditioner rinse, as it is best to start with clean hair.

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After washing your hair, they will dry it, further, you will undergo a page painted keratin formula over sections of your hair until the whole head is covered. And then, you have to wait for 30 minutes, after that the professional hairstylist will give your hair a quick rinse, leaving the majority of the treatment still on strands.

Further, you will undergo a heat process that will activate the keratin, and for that, a hairdryer is used to lock in the treatment and then flat-iron for every hair section depending on your end goals. Once it is done you are free to go and need to wait for the required hours to wash your hair or make the hairstyle you want.

Are keratin treatments good for your hair?

It depends upon the health of your hair and the products your hairstylist uses. You must not expect any long-lasting damage or side effects if the stylist is using a legit keratin treatment. it can damage your hairs if the hair is overheated with a blow-dryer or flat iron during the process, so always visit a hair specialist.


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