Some Safe Ways to Use Your Credit Card Online

Install and update antivirus software

A simple measure is to secure your computer and other devices by installing a robust antivirus software. Malware and hackers have the power to not only lock down your system, but also steal information stored on it. Having the latest version of a quality antivirus software is an excellent way to prevent this.

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Collect credit card transaction receipts

Always check your credit card statement to ensure it doesn’t feature transactions you haven’t carried out. In order to do this, every time you make a purchase using your credit card, collect and store the payment receipt. This way you can compare the same with your credit card statement and alert authorities of any discrepancies.


In addition, this card also offers interest-free ATM withdrawals for up to 50 days and a 90-day, interest-free emergency loan. You can also enjoy welcome reward points up to 20,000, save up to Rs.55,000 annually, and convert your purchases above Rs.3,000 into easy EMIs. Check your pre-approved credit card offer to view your customised deal and enjoy instant approval.

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