Creative BioMart Provides a Complete Set of Protein Engineering Services

protein engineering

The main purpose of protein engineering is to identify specific changes in the amino acid sequence and to alter this sequence for desired functional properties. Generally, two approaches have emerged in protein engineering: i) computational simulation based on modern computer technology, called rational design; and ii) experimental/molecular methods based on natural evolutionary themes, called directed evolution. Scientists at Creative BioMart have developed both methods to provide a reliable path of protein engineering from a starting point of gene information to final optimized proteins.

According to the information on Creative BioMart’s official website, Creative BioMart protein engineering platforms include:

Directed evolution

Phage display platform

E. coli display platform

Yeast display platform

Special cell-based display platform

Cell-free display platform

Rational design

Sequence-based design

Structure-based design

De novo

Library construction

Random mutagenesis

Site directed mutagenesis

DNA recombination

“The protein engineering field is expanding rapidly for the last two decades in both the industrial and health care sectors. With years of experience and advanced technologies, we have been an expert known to the research community. We can also provide custom services according to your specific needs.” Commented Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart.

About Creative BioMart

Starting from a small supplier of proteins and enzymes for academic institutes and biotech companies, Creative BioMart has always been focusing on developing high quality protein products and efficient protein manufacturing techniques. Over the past decade, our products and services are proved to have served our customers well and our brand has become one of the most trustworthy in the market.

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