NCT Will Be Getting 2 New Members Added For NCT 2020 Therefore Making Them Officially A 23 Member Group

All 21 members of NCT will be participating in this comeback alongside the new additions of Japanese member Shotaro and Korean member Sungchan. Both Shotaro and Sungchan are expected to be younger than Jisung (because of the placement of their names on the teaser) therefore no longer making Jisung the Maknae of NCT.

Tracklist for NCT 2020's ALBUM:

'Make A Wish'



'백열등' ('Light Bulb')

'Dancing In The Rain'

'Interlude: Past to Present'

'무대로' ('Deja Vu'; '舞代路')

'月之迷' ('Nectar')

'Music, Dance'

'피아노' ('Faded In My Last Song')

'From Home'

'From Home' (Korean Version)

NCT 2020 Timeline:

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