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Vitamin D deficiency is a major health problem in both developed and developing features across the globe. In India, despite ample sunlight, VDD prevalence has been documented to be in the range of 50-90% among all the groups.

Vitamin D is also called “sunshine vitamin” because it’s generated in your skin in response to sunlight. It plays a critical role in your body and has long been known to help the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus; both are crucial for building bones.

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Here are three major surprising benefits of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D Fights Disease

In addition to primary benefits, research suggests that Vitamin D may also play a role in reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis, decreasing your chance of developing heart disease, and helping to reduce flu.

Vitamin D reduces depression

In a study, scientists also found Vitamin D supplements also show an improvement in that person with depression symptoms. In another study, researchers found that people who have Vitamin D deficiency are also experiencing anxiety and depression.

Vitamin D boosts weight loss

Add vitamin D in your diet if you are looking to lose your weight or prevent heart disease. You can easily find a great selection of Vitamin D supplements on online medicine stores.

People taking daily calcium and Vitamin D supplement can lose more weight. An extra dose of calcium and vitamin D had an appetite-suppressing effect.

Beware of D-ficiency

There are many factors that can affect your ability to get enough Vitamin D through the sun alone. Some of the major factors are the following:






Doctors can easily diagnose a vitamin D deficiency in your body by performing a simple blood test. If you have a deficiency, your doctor further may ask you to get an X-ray report to check the strength of your bones.

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