Best day trips to go from Bali

Bali has continued to be the home to tourists from across the world, hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the exquisite natural beauty, traditional charm, vibrant culture, and holistic beauty the island has to offer. Though the island has been welcoming and full of surprises, the region also has some amazing locations very close to its vicinity; a definite must-visit on your Bali to-do list. So if you’re in Bali for the first time, make sure to head over and make the most of these day trip adventures.



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If you’re looking for a laid back trip or maybe a day to just relax and stroll by the beaches; ‘Lombok,’ is just the place for you. The region is located in the eastern hemisphere of Bali and can be accessed by either plane or boat. Tourists witness lands that are much less populated and scarce in terms of crowds, in comparison to the Bali mainlands. Though there are a plethora of attractions, from mountains to picture-perfect beaches - the island has been advertised or marketed as much as some of the other islands near Bali. Tourists could also pay a visit to the ‘Rinjani National Park,’ and the ‘Selong Belanak Beach,’ as they explore the place or themselves.

Nusa Penida

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Once known to be one of the scariest places in Indonesia, ‘Nusa Penida,’ was initially a dungeon, secluded far away from the mainland. Today, the island is truly a tropical paradise in itself and is as vibrant as ever. The island is also home to an innumerable species of birds and endangered wildlife species. Tourists can drop by and visit the countless bird sanctuaries in the region, be part of bird walks, explore the underwater marine life and so much more. The waters of the island are a stellar beauty in itself, with the crystal blue clear waters and the dreamy beach environment that the island has to offer.

Crystal Bay

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The ‘Crystal Bay Beach,’ is home to a large number of palm trees and beautiful white sandy beaches, coupled with some colourful boats found across the stretches of the shores. The bay happens to be located on the Nusa Penida Island itself and is widely recognized for its bumpy waves! These waves are known to outrigger the boats of fishermen and are a sight worth watching, as the fishermen try their best to fight the ocean waves. If you’re an adventure lover and exploring comes naturally to you, the region is the perfect place for you.

Menjangan Island

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The ‘Menjangan Island,’ located in the Northern Hemisphere of the island is a whole new world altogether. The biodiversity and marine life, coupled with the exquisite beauty of the coral reefs, multi-coloured fishes, and much more; make the island a snorkelling paradise. Tourists travel all the way to the island, just to enjoy a dive or two and snorkel their way through the calm, beautiful waters.

The stretches of the stunning coastline, amazing beaches, surprisingly amazing wildlife are everything you’ll need. Tourists who are lucky may even catch a glimpse of the beautiful turtles, some deers, and maybe in some endangered wildlife species on the island. If you’re at the beach and enjoying the scenic coastline; you may even spot the ‘Muntjac,’ as it bathes its way into the waters of the beaches. If you’re with family and would enjoy a motorboat ride or two, hop onto a boat and enjoy a 30-minute ride as you glide through the waters of the ocean.

Nusa Lembongan

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The ‘Nusa Lembongan,’ is yet another island that’s about a stone away from the main Bali region. Tourists find themselves hopping onto boats and soaking in the beauty of this stunning island.

Sandy Beach Club

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The ‘Sandy Bay Beach Club,’ is located right on the ‘Sunset Beach,’ and offers tourists with a laid back restaurant in the midst of a beach environment. Enjoy some great food, boho ambience, pumped-up music, breathtaking views and so much at this go-to restaurant. The place has everything on the menu - pizzas, burgers, nasi goreng; you name and they’ve got it! If you’re a starters kind of person, they’ve got a whole range of amazing seafood starters just for you !!

Villa Voyage

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Located remotely towards the western coast of the ‘Nusa Lembongan island,’ the ‘Villa Voyage,’ can be found on the Sunset Beach itself. The villa offers tourists with the perfect blend of modern and contemporary laid back style. Owned by the famous designer ‘Farah Khan,’ the villa is filled with all things glamour - right from some vintage items from the fashion brand Louis Vuitton to some favourites amongst Hollywood stars as well!

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