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Nowadays, the construction of houses is not simply a place to live and sleep like in the time of our ancestors, but nowadays, people who build houses often look to the villa design units to build as they wish. Like the styles that I desire, that is also what Ms. Tam comes to Luxe Home to wish for a high-class neoclassical 4-storey villa for her family.

Through the exchange, I learned that Mrs. Tam really likes the French neoclassical style, so she asked the architect to advise her a very classy villa with the French neo-classical architecture. Must stand out from the eyes of friends or neighbors around the house because they want to let them know the success of her family through the design of this classy neoclassical 4-storey villa.

Neoclassical exterior of a luxury 4-storey villa

With a project with neoclassical architecture, the building's appearance is always equipped with only eye-catching patterns, as well as the attention of family and friends, passersby. The entrance to the main hall is designed with 2 stairs on both sides of the main hall in a delicate way. Column row of square pillars for round arches is beautiful and sophisticated with neoclassical patterns.

The main door is made of solid iron on the main door, there are also unique and impressive lines and patterns for visitors to visit. The window system is decorated a lot from the surrounding patterns to the glass-wood frame that the architect has meticulously made when leaving the blinds inside, there are also beautiful floral motifs for everyone to see. Neoclassical 4-storey villa has a unified and harmonious look.

The details of the 4-storey villa with French architecture are surprisingly beautiful

With the use of mansard roof combined with thatched roof, you can see the magnificent construction like a splendid and lavish castle. 4-storey villa with bold French architecture with delicate colors, small details such as skylights, spacious 2nd floor 3 4th floor balcony system you can add small bonsai pots on the balcony to creating more green space and closer to nature.

The architects of Luxe Home are also delicately made, and the architect Luxe Home impresses passersby who must pay attention to the splendid and classy villa of the Co Tam family.

Garden villa space 4 floors natural airy

For Vietnamese, a living space is indispensable for a garden to travel or simply give their children a place to run and play inside their house. The yard is paved with clean stones with a very subtle gray color. The garden is designed to divide each area as in the middle of the yard there is also a row of flowers for Co Tam to look flowers.

Next to the Hall is the delicate water-spray elephant and 4 porcelain statues, 2 female warriors and 2 beautiful girls, two people on each side look very harmonious for the 4-storey garden villa

Surrounding the villa is a solid fence with the advantage of 2 fronts, so the house also has 2 gates to go in and out, which is very convenient for the family to enter from any side of the road. Because of the 2 fronts, the facade is to ensure aesthetics as well as ventilation for the project, so the facade is made of fences with artistic iron with delicate beautiful patterns.

The fences are small, beautiful shrubs that are also cared for and raised by the family to create a natural beauty and a healthier atmosphere for the whole family. The dorm is designed in the corner of the courtyard with stone tables and chairs and a set of teapots to drink water to chat, play chess ...

Luxe Home - a high-class French villa design

Luxe Home Architecture is a famous unit in the field of design and construction of villas, castles, hotels, restaurants ... Known by many families thanks to its famous local works as well as the prominence. 3D perspectives on social networking codes such as fb, zalo, website ... With a team of experienced architects who are always creative and looking for unique, splendid and classy architecture. Especially the French villa designs require creativity, meticulousness and aesthetics of the architect to have practical experience to align each data during construction.

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CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN KIẾN TRÚC & XÂY DỰNG LUXE HOME Hotline: 0965 285 668 Email: kientrucluxehome@gmail.com website: https://luxegroup.vn/ Trụ Sở Chính: Ellipse Tower, Trần Phú, Hà Đông, Hà Nội Chi Nhánh 1 : Số 68 Quang Trung, Hải Châu, tp. Đà Nẵng Chi Nhánh 2 : 79 Tân Xuân - Tân Bình - Hồ Chí Minh. Xưởng sản xuất miền Bắc : Khu Công Nghiệp Đồng Kỵ - Tp Bắc Ninh Xưởng sản xuất miền Nam : 1/1f Bà Điểm - Hóc Môn - TP Hồ Chí Minh
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