How Do I Change My Facebook Password on Android?

Learn the process to Change My Facebook Password on Android.

Every year thousands of people sign up on Facebook to connect with their friends, family, and colleagues to share some good memories by clicking pictures and update the status of their traveling. This social platform is in trend now for the large number of users across the globe and it becomes a responsibility for you to protect your account from access to unauthorized users. For that, we must regularly change our password of the account on our android phone. Here find a simple process to change Facebook password on Android.

Follow the steps to change Facebook password on Android

These are the basic, quick approach to change the Facebook password on android phone, so follow each and every step very carefully to get the complete steps

At the beginning of the process, first, you need to tap on three horizontal lines aligned in the same way at the top right of Facebook.

Moving down, now click on settings & privacy and tap on settings.

Click on “ Security and Login”.

Now click on change password.

Following above, now enter the details of the current password and new password.

Next, retype the new password and save the changes.

Now you have successfully completed all the steps to change the password of Facebook on Android.

change Facebook password on android

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