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All thanks to the artists like 2pac, Biggies, Jay-Z, Kayne West, Eminem, and many more to make the rap an exceptional genre and addition to the music in the past decade. Hip-hop ain't hip hop without rap. The instrumental track is called the 'beats' and the vocals are the 'rap'. Hip hop and rap have evolved overtime straight from the era of the '90s to 2005 and later till 2020. The rap beats have evolved too. From the lyrics to the themes upon which the music was produced. Earlier hip-hop and rap went around the theme personas of 'gangsters and thugs'. This theme of raps and rap beats were to prevent the core gene of hip hop to be considered as the mainstream pop and rock. 

Music Technology has obviously evolved over time. From software to the instruments used. In 2020, most of the artists make the best beats out of FL Studio, GarageBand and Logic, Cubase, and many other different tools. With the great pro of getting the best sound libraries, such tools also carry the greatest con of having some expensive and costly libraries. 

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