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Hanoi Software Technology Park Urban Area is the largest super project in Hanoi, located in the center of Long Bien, with an area of 413 hectares with 343 hectares of urban land including houses, hotels 5 stars, trade centers, exhibition centers, public works, and 32 hectares for building software technology parks. When completed, the project will become the most prestigious urban area in Hanoi.

This great city is planned to become a green urban area, with the most classy component projects in Hanoi. According to the investor, the urban area owns a huge green area and a water surface of more than 100 hectares. In particular, the project is very limited in developing high-rise projects. In this urban area of more than 400 hectares, only 9 plots of land are used to develop apartments with a maximum height of 15 floors, the remaining lots will develop villa projects, large parks, and amusement parks and entertainment.

Sunshine Green Iconic

Sunshine Green IconicLong Bien Golf Course

Sunshine Green Iconic

Sunshine Green Iconic

The front of the 4 towers of the project is a tropical stream hundreds of meters long. This tropical stream is the highlight of the special landscape project. Surrounding the tropical stream are pebble massage paths under the shady trees.

Arranged along a tropical stream, is a large-scale waterfall system flowing down from the first floor. This project is designed for residents here to experience living space in tropical resorts - Investor Sunshine Group said.

Sunshine Group spent tens of billions of dong to turn the entire 3rd-floor space of the building into a chain of high-altitude gardens with theme gardens: i-on meditation garden, a fantasy garden as a paradise for small children, a nursing garden for the elderly, a spa, and detox gardens for women ...

Among the tropical gardens, the investor Sunshine Group arranged 2 swimming pools hundreds of m² wide.

These swimming pools are equipped with modern anti-chlorine technology that does not use chlorine. The copper electrolysis system is often used in 5-star resorts, ensuring sterile water but still keeping the purity and coolness. The technology prevents hair and skin from drying out like when using chlorine bleach.

In addition to a swimming pool system in the middle of a tropical rooftop garden, Sunshine Green Iconic also owns the leading Wellness Center system in the area. Wellness Center at the project integrates a system of beauty, therapy, and body cleansing utilities. The spa area is divided into 4 subdivisions including Aqua Spa, Formal Spa, Detox Center, and a system of therapeutic gardens.

In addition to a series of resort facilities, an entertainment paradise with dozens of restaurants, S- Cafe, S-Mart supermarket system, thousands of m² of shopping chains arranged by Sunshine Group at the podium. creating an entertaining focal point for the whole project.

The most impressive highlight of Sunshine Green Iconic is 400 vertical aerial gardens, forming a multi-layered tropical green space. The Duplex units distributed in the most beautiful locations of the project are all corner units and own a private garden right at the door.

Currently, this project has just been announced to the market but has created a fever in the market attracting many investors and interested customers.

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