5 Trendy Festive Looks You Must Try at Home with Best Organic Hair Colour

Ayurveda hair colour

5 trendy hair colours to look out for in the upcoming festive season

Burgundy is one of the topmost trending colours this year. It brings an elegant edge and a great shine to your hair. Being not very striking or rebellious; you can carry this shade as overall hair colour or just as highlights towards the edges with any traditional outfit.

Red highlight is another trend that has furiously caught on. The red streaks make your hair look gorgeous and go very well with the festive outfits.

Teal blue with a hint of blonde gives you a fantastic trendy beach look. Being a lighter shade, the colour suits most skin tones.

The copper glaze is another colouring option that gives your hair amazing shine, making your face look bright even with dark coloured outfits. Make a gorgeous “Jooda” or curl them up for a party-perfect look.

Rich brown colour has been in trend and seems to remain so at least for a few more years. It perfectly covers the greys and complements any traditional wear.

But having amazingly coloured hair comes with a risk of hair damage and side effects. There are many harmful products in hair colours like Ammonia, bleach, metallic shafts and PPD, which severely damage the hair and skin causing serious hair fall, dryness, split ends, and more in the long run.

Some points to keep in mind while choosing the best organic hair colour:

Those who are allergic to flowers and vegetables must check the ingredients of the hair colour carefully.

Choose a colour that revitalizes your appearance and skin tone, so that it looks simple and pretty. Avoid striking colours.

organic hair colour



This festive season takes some time to groom yourself and look younger when you meet your loved ones, and make sure to take up all the compliments. Using an Ayurveda hair colour or damage-free hair colour is crucial for healthy hair. Choose the best organic hair colour as per the trend and look gorgeous while feeling healthy.

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