What is a customer data platform?

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According to prestigious publications like Forbes, companies that give priority to data-driven marketing are six times more profitable year-over-year than companies that don’t. 75% of those data-driven companies also see an increase in customer engagement. And, data-driven strategies often produce between 5-8x more ROI than strategies without.

Results like this support that the future of marketing resides in the data. But, not just any data- it’s a combination of several components. Its Behavioral data enhanced by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning that is accurate, real-time and interconnected.

How do enterprise-level marketers drive real business results?

By getting hold of and utilizing actionable real-time, accurate behavioral data. Companies that have, dominate in their respective industries. Examples of Data-driven companies that embrace a Customer-Driven Platform (CDP) are Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix.

So, what is a customer-driven platform?

Defined by the CDP Institute it’s “packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.”

At the elementary level, a CDP store connects and combines customer data to give a real-time, complete view of customers regardless of which and the number of devices or channels they interact with. It also supports customer acquisition and the “customer journey”.

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