How to Export Zoho Mail to PDF?


We all know about the PDF file and its importance for personal as well as business usages. This is the most popular and secure file to store important data. PDF file is easy to open in any Brower or device without any supporting application. Due to all these benefits, many Zoho user want to save their emails as PDF file format for easy to open and easy to print.

Some Advantages of Adobe PDF File

• A PDF file is the best option to save backup for future use

• It can be opened easily without an internet connection

• PDF files can be opened on multiple devices such as computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.

• Any email clients and other services are not required to open the PDF file.

• Once the user has PDF files, they can easily be printed to get a physical document.

Solution to Export Zoho Mail to PDF File Format

Zoho to PDF with attachments

The software is very easy to use and understand without having strong technical knowledge. With this tool, one can save and print Zoho email without doing any modification in the original content and formatting. It is tested by the experts and able to export unlimited Zoho emails as PDF.

Here are the Steps to Save Zoho Mail as PDF in Zoho Mail Account

Follow the below listed steps to export Zoho mail to PDF file format without any data loss:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

The process will start immediately and once the export process is complete, the software will display a completion message in the screen.

Why Choose Zoho Mail Backup Software?

As mentioned earlier, Zoho doesn't offer an option to save Zoho mail as PDF. Hence, the Zoho backup tool is the best platform to accomplish this task. It also offers various functions for the user's needs. So let's take a quick look at the features:

Simple GUI:

Export Zoho Mail to PDF:

Save Entire Emails:

100% Secure:

Free Trial Version:

Final Verdict

For saving Zoho emails as PDF file, we discussed the best solution here. Zoho does not have any option to export Zoho Mail to PDF format. Hence here we suggested the Zoho backup tool that enables you to save Zoho Mail as PDF along with attachments. Once you have PDF file, you can easily print Zoho email.

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