Fanfiction Halloween Contest!

Hey there everyone! I'm Bree (aka Craig, my alter ego). I am the current president of the fanfiction community and I will be hosting a Halloween Fanfiction contest along with@MelissaGarza who will be one of the judges.

We've decided to name one winner and gift them with a $10 Amazon Card.

The rules are simple.

-It must have be Halloween themed/related

-It must be youryour work

-Anything that has adult content needs a +18+18 warning in the title

-All types of Fanfiction is accepted as long as it's a one shot

- Me and@MelissaGarza must be tagged in the card

Only oneone entry per person

startsOctober 1ends28th

P.s. if you know anyone that should enter the contest tag them in the comments so they can see!

Boss Squad:@royalpandajedi@Fromblue2u@Queenpandabunny@marrickej33@BBxGD@Starbell808@MelissaGarza@liyahboon


KISS Squad

@BabydollBre,@QueenyCrossGene, and@BTSMicDrop

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