Know about Dental Cavitation

There are various issues related to the tooth and cavities. Here, we are going to discuss the issues related tothe bone hole and it is known as Dental cavitation.

In simple words, when a tooth has removed from its place, then a hole occurs in the bone and is left unfilled or unhealedproperly. This area is known as a dead bone, medically osteonecrosis.When a tooth has extracted, then the surrounding membrane ofthe periodontal is left behind. After a tooth has been pulled, the body fills the bone space where the tooth has been placed before.

However, when a membrane has left behind, then it occurs unfinishedhealing like a hole or spongy remains in the inner part of the jaw bone.

dental cavitation symptom

This type of cavitation can happen in any bone in the body and not only in the jawbones. There are various reasons attached to the cavitation formation. Some of the engenders include localized traumas, clotting disorders, the usage of dental anesthetics comprising epinephrine, poor circulation in that area, and the excessive use of steroids.

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Causes of cavity treatment

After the surgery, the pain medications are not essential after the second day. There are two main causes related to dental cavitationsuch as NICO and SICO.

ü NICO refers to Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis that can cause chronic facial pain as well as a vital overlooked factor in trigeminal neuralgia.

ü SICO is considered as Sickness Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis and it indicates the effect of cavitations.

Benefits of treatment

Solve some issues like:

ü Facial neuralgia

ü Migraines

ü Headaches

ü Chronic sinusitis

Phantom toothache pain

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