Packing Lunch for the Office

For those of us that work long hours that keep us sitting all day, it can have serious effects on our health. Pairing bad eating habits with a lack of exercise will not only have a negative effect on you physically, it will make you feel less motivated and more likely to slack off. That is why it is so important to pack a lunch and snacks that are filled with fruits, veggies, and protein. A handful of almonds will do wonders for you when you start to feel late afternoon hunger. Today I had a cheddar and tomato sandwich with onion and butter lettuce. I added a tiny dash of dijon mustard to make it more fun. That and an apple had me refreshed and ready to finish my day strong! I felt much better than my office mates, who went to get greasy stir fry from the local market!

Pilates, food, and fun.
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