[LIVE RECAPS] I Do I Do (Korean Drama) EP 11 + Pics Added

I Do I DO EP 12 Written preview + pictures http://www.vingle.net/posts/31471 --------------------- Hello everyone, I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) - JiAn : (to CEO) Sorry.. I work for harder next to you. Jang CEO : Maternal instinct.Do you think it's kind of serious thing? For your baby? It's just 4 months. But you love your shoe for 15 years. Can you give it up? JiAn : I've never thought that I can give up love for shoe. Jang : I can dismiss you without any notice. Watch out ! >JiAn got chocked and she collapsed.EunSung found her and brang her to hospital. Mrs.Jang met EunSung in front of JiAn's home. I think she investigate him secretly... >EunSung asked about Mrs.Jang. EunSung : You need a rest. JiAn : Are you serious? I can't rest. I have to win to this competition! Mrs.Jang said that she will dismiss me because of the pregnancy. EunSung : It's not possible ! JiAn : That's why I have to win to this competition! > Oh! Now NaRi and TaeKang found that new pattern designer was TaeKang's father. But NaRi allowed to work him continuously. TaeKang : Wow! You are so kind! NaRi : Well.. I don't know why but I become kind in front of you ^^ TaeKang : Thank you very much!! I will treat you delicious dinner when I get a salary! NaRi : Don't forget it ! ^^ > JiAn's flashback. It was her anniversary with his boyfriend.(special guest Hong GyeongMin!) He asked about their vacation but she only interested in the shoes of the woman in front of her. >EunSung and JiAn's friend brang meats(health food) for JiAn. At the same time, TaeKang bought pettitoes. TaeKang and EunSung washed the dishes. JiAn's friend : (Looking at them) They look so good! Can't you live with of them? > OMG!!! NaRi scouted TaeKang's father for their collaboration!!!! JiAn has only an umbrella so TaeKang and EunSung had to use it together.lol -EunSung : Let's do a drink. >EunSung : Maybe, I misunderstood you. You took care of her because she is your boss. TaeKang ; No! I really like her. So, I want to say to you.. I'll dash at her! You are baby's father so I announce to you. EunSung : ...I envy you. You don't know anything. But you have a lot of things.. > Oh No! There was an article on JiAn's love story. The mastermind was CEO Jang !! EunSung got a call from his father.(His father wanted to celebrate it.Oh No...TaeKang got to know the story. So sad:( JiAn also read the article. fight out to the better end!! > The subject of the competition is "Nostalgia". TaeKang conducted a survey for their competition. The quantity was quite a lot! JiAn wa surprised! TaeKang went to JiAn's house after work. - TaeKang : You'll not get married! Are you sure? - JiAn : Hmm..Yes..Why? Do you want me to get married with him? - TaeKang : NO!!!! I mean, stay like this now and forever! >TaeKang sang a song. The title is "I want to kiss you." hahahaha JiAn was embarrassed so she kicked him and ran away.lol > TaeKang fell asleep. - JiAn : (Looking at him) My baby... If you resemble your father's eyebrow, nose and lips, it will be good. > In the morning, JiAn made a breakfast for TaeKang. It was sooo salty but TaeKang ate it all.lol >EunSung visited CEO Jung. - EunSung : I request you a correction on a news report. - CEO Jang : What do you mean? I don't know who is the person but I think you have to appreciate to the person. Now you have a justification to get married. Don't you? - EunSung : ...... > TaeKang went to NaRi. - TaeKang : Please, write an explanation for Ms.Jian to the bullutin board. - NaRi : Why doI have to do that? Do you know something about her? I guess she is pregnant. No? - TaeKang : WHY DO YOU ASK ME IT?? I'm not a spy!!! >TaeKang said to his father that he wanted to get married. >EunSung visited JiAn's home. - EunSung : Your baby Ankle(It's the nickname of JiAn's baby) wants to say something. I'll translate it to you... Mom, did you read the article? Doctor wanted to solve the situation but fail... He feels so sorry to you, mom.. - JiAn ; ... Can you translate what I'm saying?...Baby, I know what he does for me. I really want to appreciate.. - EunSung : Ankle's mom. Will you marry me? ----------------------------------------------------------------- EP11 was over! Oh I watched EP12's preview. So NaRi gets to know that TaeKang loves JiAn. CEO Jang will support to NaRi from now. EunSung and JiAn will do something for explanation.. I can't wait!! I'll upload screencaps! If you have a question about the details, don't hesitate to ask it! Your comments will encourage me :) Hehe Thank you and see you tomorrow !

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