Lets Design the Bringing Outdoor Space In For Three-Season Use

Imagine a delightful spring evening outside on your patio. Now imagine how fast a sudden rain can turn that beautiful image into a wet shot. Or consider hosting a summer afternoon picnic on the deck. The sun and the view are great, but what about the insects?

For many homeowners, patios and decking are great investments to get more time outdoors. But there's something unexpected about the addition of this house: A majestic open-air with all its magic and danger.

outdoor Landscape

The wooden wall panels protect from cold air and harmful sun rays and are fixed to the floor with the help of a top. Vertical posts with channels connect the wall panels to form a visually attractive facade. Skilled carpenters and craftsmen can easily assemble a Vixen Hill outdoor patio or three-season patio.

The modular structure of the product eliminates the complex joint construction usually involved in this type of construction. Pre-assembled components (modules) require a minimum number of fasteners for uncomplicated and systematic installation.

"Most open spaces are designed for a specific purpose and serve only specific needs," said Christopher Peoples, president and founder of Vixen Hill. "The main advantage of our veranda system is that it is reusable. Designed to give the feel of a traditional wooden veranda and provide interior comfort, this addition can be the ideal place to entertain friends and family, have dinner, read, or relax. Homeowners take advantage of the outdoors. without leaving their home. "

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