What Is R1Soft Backup Server? What Are Its Features?

R1Soft backup server or R1Soft server backup manager provide continuous, multi-tenant data protection and recovery to businesses. It offers a flexible and server-friendly environment to the service providers with Continuous Data Protection Technology. It comes in a variety of server packages to fit in every business size for different data backup and recovery requirements. It is easy to set up and enables users to run backups as frequently as every 15 minutes without impacting the server performance.

managed R1Soft backup server

Features of R1Soft server backup manager


R1Soft backup server provides block-level backup solutions using CDP technology instead of file-level backup that makes it faster than other backup servers. It shortens the backup window and reduces disk space to improve server performance.

Multi-Platform Support

It supports both physical and virtual and servers on Windows and Linux platforms along with cross support options. The server is also compatible with Ubuntu, RedHat, VMWare, Hyper-V, Debian, SUSE, CentOS, XenServer, and some other custom kernels.

Military-Grade Data Encryption

It uses military-grade 256-bit data encryption technology that makes it extremely secure in all environments. It is controlled by a high-level encryption key with access available to very few administrators.


You can set up and allow access only to a single administrator, group-based administrators, or any other custom configuration as per your business model. As a service provider, you can configure flexible and custom configuration with a different level of access and control for each customer.

Flexible Data Backup

You can define your own data backup strategy and frequency. You can set up data backup frequency every 15 minutes, or every hour, every day, every week, etc. as per your requirements. You can also set multiple retention points as per your data backup and recovery plan.

Flexible Data recovery

You can set up individual recovery points for individual files, directories, or entire file systems through the web interface as per your convenience. It reduces the downtime after any disaster where you can restore your data as per your business needs at a faster rate.

These features make R1Soft server backup manager (SBM) one of the best data backup and recovery solutions in the market. If you are looking to buy a managed R1Soft backup server for your business, you can buy it directly from Sola Drive Managed Solution Provider as per your specifications. You can choose from different server plans for different storage needs. You can select from as low as a 50GB backup server or go up to the 48TB backup servers with dedicated support.

SolaDrive started offering its services in early 2009 and ventured to have an online presence in November of 2010, providing managed VPS and dedicated servers to small and medium-sized enterprises. More info visit us at https://www.soladrive.com/
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