Rooftop Prince - Episode 4 Recap - part 1

From This episode, story about reincarnation things getting more interesting and I am already eager to see next episode as soon as possible! I hope you enjoy this recap that I made before you enjoy video with subs. Thanks! At the previous meeting with Park-ha, Sena tore down all the money Park-ha needed for her fruit shop, so now Park-ha is losing her own store at the first openind day..(poor park-ha) Then Sena offers to help Park ha only if Park ha leave Korea. After thrown out by bodyguards, Yi gak waits to meet Sena but failed. Lee Gak is waiting for Bakha in rain... pitty YooChun.. By misjudging and yelling at her withougn knowing her situdation, he makes Park ha so upset Also at the same time Bakha's friend from US offer her to work at restaurant in New York!!(You are so mean..and pretty SENA!!!)

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