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Charming the mirrors

Things required: 1500 coins, charcoal, 12 enchantment logs, 6 liquid glass, two shantay passes or different strategies for entering the desert, blood rune, 6 steel bars. Suggested: Desert garments, a few waterskins, and transports to the Digsite and Al-Kharid.

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Take the way south of Al-Kharid, through the Shantay Pass and run or utilize flying floor covering to at long last arrive at the Bedabin Camp. The Upper east of the camp can likewise be reached by utilizing pixie ring code B*I*Q close to the Kalphite Lair. When you arrive at the objective, go close to the water pool and talk with classicists. He will advance you to Terry Balando request to present to him a few etchings. He is an archeological master and can be situated at the Digsite Exam Center.

Talk with the master in the Exam Center east of Varrock. When you give him the etchings, talk with him again and he will give you interpretation, which should be conveyed back to the excavator.

Head back to the abandoned and talk with the paleologist. Pick the "Don't understand book" alternative when talking with the excavator and consent to help once you converse with him once more.

Travel to the Bandit Camp. Abstain from taking any hardware that portrays Zamorak or Saradomin symbolism. This would just make crooks forceful and they may begin assaulting you. Talk with the barkeep and pay 650 coins for a brew. Barkeep will inform you regarding four Diamonds of Azzanadra. This progression is compulsory before talking with Eblis. Else, you won't have the option to talk with him about the precious stones.

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