Nitrogen ice cream fever hits Jakarta

Who doesn’t like ice cream? In a hot and humid city like Jakarta, ice cream parlors are ten-a-penny, both inside shopping malls and on the side of the road. Recently, the ice cream business in Jakarta has welcomed several new players— all with white smoke billowing from their kitchens. That smoke is liquid nitrogen, used to freeze the ice cream at a super low temperature and really quickly. This technique is commonly used in molecular gastronomy. The result is a smoother, more luscious textured ice cream for your sweet cravings. Perhaps because of the speedy crystallization time, nitrogen ice cream tends to melt slightly quicker. So, you have the perfect excuse to eat it up quickly. Drooling already? Here is a list of nitrogen ice cream parlors in the city that The Jakarta Post Travel has collected for your pleasure. LIN Artisan Ice Cream Opening their first outlet in Kemang last June, LIN's shop is an open kitchen affair with a transparent partition, which allows customers to the magical ice cream process. The raw modern interior even offers a cozy wooden back porch. LIN Ice Cream serves 12 varieties of both the creamy gelato and fresh sorbet, available with waffle or cone add-ons. Its specialties include alcoholic ice cream menu such as Beer Pong and Smiley Baileys. For coffee addicts, its Frozen Expresso ice cream made with Javabica coffee and the classic Affogato are perfect choices. The sugar level for all ice cream can be adjusted upon request to make sure your diet won't be ruined. Aside from the ice cream, french fries, prawn & squid balls and homemade chicken and fish nuggets are available. Prices range from Rp 35,000 (US$2.90) to Rp 65,000. Location: Jl. Taman Kemang I #6, South Jakarta (below Umbra Bar) Ron's Laboratory Have you ever wonder what it is like to eat ice cream in a laboratory? Ron's Laboratory located at Grand Indonesia offers just that. It is uniquely designed to resemble a real lab: All the waiters wear white lab coats and the ice cream liquid is displayed inside tall chemical glasses. A transparent glass divider with colorful hand-painted doodles allows customers to watch as the magic unfolds. Ron's Laboratory serves both gelato and sorbet. Their Avocado with Espresso ice cream is one of its best sellers. Three scoops of smooth avocado gelato is served with a shot of espresso put in as an injection. Their newest flavor is Breakfast which contains cornflakes, chocolate rice and nutella swirls inside the base gelato. Other flavors available include Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate and Mung Beans and Coconut Milk. Aside from ice cream, Ron's Laboratory also serves coffee.Ice cream ranges from Rp 45,000 to Rp 60,000. With its unique flavors, toppings and presentation, Ron's Laboratory might be an exciting choice for kids as well as curious adults. Location: Grand Indonesia West Mall 5th Floor ED2-12B (next to Ismaya Catering) Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1, Central Jakarta Elicxir Artisan Gelato Starting off as a pop-up ice cream store at several events in Jakarta, Elicxir Artisan Gelato recently opened its permanent establishment. Elicxir tries to assign strict quality control on its products using the freshest ingredients such as fresh milk (not UHT), eggs from nearby farm and locally produced palm sugar. Like other nitrogen ice cream parlors, Elicxir also serves gelato and sorbet. As for the flavor, Elicxir tries to wow its customer's palate with unique flavors such as Raspberry Sorbet, Chocolate Matcha and Salted Caramel.Their latest mix is called Taro Velvet with Infused Hojicha. The green tea bitter taste blends perfectly with the Taro. Elicxir also offers snacks such as Bites Platter (sausage bites and pom noisette potato with dip sauce), sausage skewer, Cheesy Truffle Fries (french fries topped with melted cheddar and truffle oil), and Pom Pom Bomb (pom noisette potato with spicy truffle elixir). Prices range from Rp 21,500 to Rp 50,000. Location: Plaza Indonesia Extension 5th Floor #019 (right across Pancious) Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30, Jakarta Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream Similar to Ron's Laboratory, the waiters at Freeze Ice Cream Parlor all wear white lab coats and goggles. What sets Freeze apart from the other places in town is that Freeze ice cream is more customizable. Aside from being able to choose your ice cream size, at Freeze you can also customize your toppings and sugar level. The toppings range from candy, nuts, waffle, pretzel to fruits and many more. Located on the 4th floor of Taman Anggrek Mall, the establishment is strategically located right above the sky rink. This will enable customers to have a good view of the rink while enjoying their ice cream. Location: Mal Taman Anggrek 4th Floor (right across from Fish n’ Co.) Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav 21, West Jakarta

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