Things to Know About Tow Hook

This instruction is meant to serve as a basic introduction to tow hooks and their use. In actual situations, it’s highly recommended to leave towing to experienced professionals – especially if you want an immobilized vehicle recovered.

It’s important to note that towing a vehicle or a piece of equipment is a potentially dangerous activity, even when done right. Improper towing of conveyance, on the other hand, can result in destroying to one or both conveyance. It can also result in serious injury or even death.


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When it comes to pulling a conveyance, the attachment points on the frame that these tow hooks go into are some of the few places designed to withstand the full force of the vehicle being pulled along. Tow hooks, once properly installed, will go a long way towards preventing damage to both conveyances and will help ensure that you can get your car to safety.

Tow hooks are also useful for vehicle recovery. When we talk about vehicle recovery, we generally refer to the task of moving a broken down or stuck vehicle to another place.

Simple recovery operations, like recovering a disabled vehicle stuck in the middle of the road, for example, can be easily done with a tow hook and ordinary towing chains, bars, or straps. Depending on the circumstances, you can also use one or more tow hooks with recovery straps to pull out a conveyance stuck in mud or deep snow.

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Types Of Tow Hooks

There are several types of tow hooks, and you can get aftermarket hooks as well as the ones made by the conveyance manufacturer. There are also huge types of styles you can choose from, and it’s always important to keep in mind that you need the right type of tow hook for the attachment points on your car.

D Ring Tow Hook

Most conveyance can use a tow hook in the traditional bent hook shape that’s open on one side. Apart from hooks; you can also have what is called a D-ring tow hook to have a more secure fit for a tow strap. Tow hooks may also come with a threaded end that lets you attach them to a recovery anchor on the visible part of your car and truck if you ever need to tow it.

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