Top Reasons you must have a motorbike cover

When you own a motorbike it makes sense to do everything reasonable to look after it and providing it with a suitable motorbike cover is one of the best ways to preserve its appearance and keep it in top condition.

Some of the top reasons you must have a quality motorbike cover:

Protection from the elements

A motorbike cover will protect your motorbike from the harsh effects of the sun, salt spray, windblown, dust, dirt and sand as well as rain and hail that can cause expensive damage.

The best types of cover

It’s important when choosing a

that you get a quality cover that’s designed to suit the conditions where you keep your motorbike.

motorbike covers

Having a close or snug-fitting motorbike cover will deter many insects and other pests that may like to sneak under the cover to hide and cause havoc.

· If you keep your motorbike outside in all weathers then you will need a heavy duty motorbike cover designed to withstand conditions such as UV rays from the sun and the fierce winter storms that occasionally visit the Gold Coast.

Soft covers

It’s important that your motorbike cover has a soft inner lining that is neither metallic nor abrasive, so that it doesn’t scratch the paintwork. A high quality single layered motorbike cover is usually adequate for inside use, but a quality multi-layered motorbike cover is best for outdoor use as long as has the ability to breathe and allow any condensation to escape so mould and mildew will not form.

Waterproof motorbike covers

A fully waterproof motorbike cover will stop moisture from the rain affecting your bike,but it may trap condensation inside, causing problems with mould and rusting as well as the discolouration of your paint and plastics. So a fully breathable, water resistant cover that although it may allow a bit of moisture to get inside will also allow it to quickly dry out quickly once the rain stops and not keep moisture trapped inside.

Close or loose fit covers

Generally the better your motorbike cover fits your particular motorbike the better it will be able to protect your bike as wind can cause a motorbike cover to flap and cause damage to the surfaces.


Motorbike theft and vandalism is an increasing problem and having a good quality heavy duty motorbike cover will help to conceal your bike as many thieves are looking for a particular make and model to steal and will not bother to take the time to look under the cover as this increases the chances of them getting caught.

Petty vandalism where people break or steal lights or mirrors can be drastically reduced with a good quality heavy duty cover as if they can’t see them, they usually are not interested.

There are some very good reasons why you must have a good quality motorbike cover to protect your motorbike from protection from the elements to keeping pests away and reducing the chances of having your bike stolen or vandalized. But always look for a breathable motorbike cover that will not scratch the paintwork.

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