3 Editing Hacks Nobody Told You Before

Editing an academic paper is undeniably no child’s play. There are too many areas to prioritise. No one can learn how to edit academic papers fortnigh

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So, take some time out to read this blog and crack the three most rewarding editing hacks for a future worth cherishing.

Here you go!

Enrich your grammar skills

First things first, you got to work on your grammar skills in order to become a professionally skilled editor. Here are some useful tips for you.

 Know how to come up with the right usage of active and passive voice in a sentence.

 Develop concrete concepts on how to use the right tenses in order to ensure meaningful grammatical structure in a sentence.

 Get a grammar manual for yourself. Refer to it for easy prompts and smart grammar suggestions on the go.


Reformat the paper, at times

At times, you got to come up with reformations in a paper in order to push it to the next level. Here are some rewarding tips for reformatting academic papers. Take note of the same and make end results aesthetically impressive.

 Change the paper format to the Times New Roman font style.

 Work on the spacing, and change it to the 2:0 formats.

 You can even choose to highlight certain contexts such as lucid examples, picturesque references and the likes with yellow markers to create an impression of uniqueness.

Read your paper aloud, to your own self

This is one key rule for every editing aspirant. Unless you are reading the paper out aloud, you are not doing it right. Simply read through the paper aloud and you would be able to figure these errors out.

® Mispronounced words

® Confusing homonyms

® Wrongly used words or irrelevant synonyms

® Overly lengthy sentences that make no sense

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