Resilience Inc. deploys SELENA to Dream Academy


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Resilience Inc. deploys SELENA to Dream Academy

Tampa, FL

With people stuck in their homes due to circumstances beyond their control, it can be frustrating for new students to have to boot up their computer to attend class, instead of meeting with their teachers and friends at their schools. Without the skills to regulate their emotions and empathize with others, children often turn to tantrums and sometimes even violence and aggression as an outlet for their stress. Combatting this is one of the main missions of Resilience Inc. – whose core mission is to provide all schools in the country– whether public or private – with the SELENA curriculum, which contains 65 modules covering topics such as empathy, gratitude, goal setting, and communication among others. In addition to this comprehensive curriculum, Resilience will deploy its premium features to Dream Academy: augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, multiple languages, video games, video & audio libraries, data analytics, reporting, 1-to-1 exercises, and deployment tools.

About Resilience, Inc:

About Dream Academy

Dream Academy is a Private K-12 School registered in the State of Florida (School Code 9366). They are a Blended Learning School, offering 24/7/365 access, with a series of Learning Centers to provide in-person support and regular contact. They offer a High School Diploma and Associate in Arts degrees, as well as a number of Workforce and Military preparation options. For more information about Dream Academy, visit its website at


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