What are the negative effects of homework?

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How does homework affect student’s life

Assigning homework to students regularly can increase stress level and anxiety. Below are some points that will help you know the negative effects of homework in student’s life.

1. Lots of homework writing task can lead student’s stress level high.

2. Doing homework regularly takes student away from other important activities like dancing, sports.

3. Lack of sleep and less energy arises in students life, that makes him dull and unlike academic curriculum.

4. Homework should not be assigned as eats your free time.

5. It is unhealthy for lot of students, as they didn’t find time for extracurricular activities, spending time with family, getting rest.

6. After studying 8 hours in school. There is time needed for relaxation and rest for students.

7. Sometime it makes you burnout. Learning whole day in classroom, and after coming at home, once again you have to start the brain to work and complete the tasks.

8. Children should be grow stress-free, lot of homework can put themselves in stress and anxiety.

9. Homework burden can darken their active learning, and active learning is the most essential thing to be in the child’s behaviour.

10. Students face severe health problems as loss of weight, stomach problems, headaches and poor eating habits.

11. Keeping themselves busy in homework takes away from the physical activity and in result student suffer from obesity and other health related issues.

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