Enjoy a Culturally Rich Puerto Rican Lifestyle with Act 60 Tax Incentives

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Jose EnriquéJose Enriqué

Jose Enriqué is one of San Juan’s most beloved restaurants. Jose Enriqué is an award-winning Puerto Rican chef whose restaurant has no set menu—each day, he curates his own recipes based on the available local produce. Lines tend to be long because the restaurant doesn’t allow reservations, but it’s a unique experience anyone relocating to Puerto Rico should try.

Lote 23

Lote 23 is not one restaurant but several. The gastronomical park, which can be found in Santurce, San Juan, offers visitors a huge variety of choices, from pizza, to home fries, to poke bowls. The only thing all the restaurants have in common is culinary excellence. The chefs at Lote 23 tend to be young, creative, and innovative, showing off Puerto Rico’s budding gastronomical talent. Prices are far cheaper than at Jose Enriqué, making it a great option for delicious food on a budget.

Wellness Centers

Santosa Yoga & Health

Santosa Yoga & Health is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy in San Juan. A yoga and health center targeting both mental and physical health, Santosa organizes workshops and retreats and can set up special sessions for custom groups. Santosa teaches participants mindfulness and gratitude alongside physical fitness.

Phyt New York

Phyt New York is a popular New York gym with an additional location in Condado, San Juan. With all amenities included, it’s one of San Juan’s best places for a good workout. Members can customize their membership to fit their needs and can hire a personal trainer to help them home in on their fitness goals. The gym even offers nutritional services so clients can make sure their diet complements their workouts.

Resorts and Nightlife

Dorado Beach

Dorado is one of the most popular destinations for Act 60 decree holders. Dotted with celebrities, Dorado offers a luxurious lifestyle, especially at places like Dorado Beach, a luxury resort on the Caribbean shore. From its own clubhouse to a water park and a golf academy, the resort offers residents almost anything they could ever want. Guests can reserve temporary accommodations or make the resort their long-term home.

Chico Cabaret

Chico Cabaret is a lounge in Isla Verda, San Juan, that evokes the romantic atmosphere of a 1950s speakeasy. It really was a speakeasy in 1958, making the experience even more authentic. Every night, high-rated Puerto Rican performers star at the venue, allowing guests to enjoy top-quality entertainment with their hand-crafted cocktails.

Outdoor Activities

Mona Island Adventures

Mona Island Adventures are guided camping trips to Mona Island, located between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. All camping equipment and meals are provided by Acampa, the organizer, and specialized tour guides accompany guests in their adventures, helping them through special activities and excursions. The tour guides are bilingual, so non-Spanish speakers need not worry. The only condition is good physical health, as some of the activities are quite strenuous.

El Yunque National Forest

The El Yunque National Forest is unique as the only tropical rainforest on U.S. territory, making it a must-see for any U.S. nature lover. It’s relatively small at only 29,000 acres, but, being a rainforest, it offers incredible biodiversity, housing more plant and animal species than most other forests in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) database. Many of these flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in U.S. territory. It features hiking trails covering 24 miles, giving adventurers and their leashed dogs plenty of beautiful territory to explore.

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