Tips on How to Score High in MCQ Exams

Many students cite multiple-choice questions as to their favorite type of exams because they are less time consuming and easier to solve. However, the questions can be quite tricky, especially if you lack precise knowledge about the content.

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When your teachers announce that they are conducting MCQ tests, then the first question you should ask as a student is, if they are going to take the test out of a study guide.

A lot of teachers usually just go to a book that contains all the key points of the syllabus and make their test material from there. This will save you a lot of time and you would not have to study a lot of books and lectures.

Conceptual or Memory based

MCQs consist of two types and while conceptual is relatively tough, the other one can be challenging to you if you do not have a lot of time to study. Some teachers often give experiments and ask you to deduce the correct answers from your knowledge.

Those answers are present in the form of multiple-choice questions and you have to choose it with reasoning as the explanation is available as the option itself. The other type is the one where you have to memorise definitions, functions, and other important parts of the syllabus in order to pick the closest option from the choices.


Timing yourself during MCQs is quite important because otherwise, you would not be able to answer most of the questions. Before sitting for the exam, make sure you do a full-fledged paper and time yourself. Check how much time you are spending on each question and then divide it accordingly. You should not be spending too much time on one MCQ because that would mean you're losing marks in the form of other questions.


If you want to test your knowledge before the exam, you can highlight the important parts and ask a friend to quiz you. This will test the objectivity of the information you know and you would also understand which topic to give more time to as far as memorisation is concerned.

So follow the tips mentioned above and score the highest marks in your MCQ exam.

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