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High school and college is a tumultuous time. High school and college after 2020 even moreso. Young people everywhere are worried about their futures, and it’s understandable—students are looking for clarity in a time of massive uncertainty.

Give your young audiences a way of looking forward with positivity. Offer them the tools to secure their own bright futures and transform their mindsights with an experience that can change their lives forever.

Virtual Life Coaching

If you need someone to back your corner, lend an ear when you need it most, and strategize your future plans, I’m here. Based around regular video calls, we can discuss whatever may be happening in your personal life, education, or career.

We’ll investigate what makes you strong, and what might be secretly holding you back. Together we will compose a unique set of goals and objectives, as well as a series of steps towards achieving them.

A coach is a long-term relationship. Through a passionate rapport a coach and client can foster feelings of empowerment and confidence, to better traverse through the challenges of life.

Through coaching, you can:

Develop positive ways of thinking
Foster new ways of growth
Deconstruct mental obstacles that impede success
Widen perspective to identify opportunities and experiences

If you have troubles with any of the above, I’m here for you. And I’m here to listen.


Leaders are not often born, but built over time. Some of the greatest leaders in life have developed and honed their skills towards great guidance, and were not simply blessed with the mixture of characteristics that make someone excel at management.

People tend to be naturally skeptical of themselves. Am I qualified enough? Do I have what it takes? Is this right for me? These are common questions that you’ve probably asked yourself. Imposter syndrome is a common feeling, in any field or industry.

leadership and career coach

Whatever your team may be working on, and no matter how many people may be under your wind, we’ll explore attested methods of productive leadership that are proven to change your abilities for the better.

For younger clients who may have not entered the world of full-time employment, together we can foster new ways of thinking, and establish positive habits that lead to consistent success in academic group work, personal relationships and extracurricular activities. Likewise, we can promote confidence in battling adolescent anxieties around employment and studying.

Throw off the shackles of insecurity, and become the inspiring figure you hope to be—today!

Coach for Imposter SyndromeCoach for Imposter Syndrome

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