The main factors that determine for TD Bank Mortgage

A mortgage is essential if you want to buy a home. You can get the mortgage from a bank or credit union or a home loan institution or financial institution. You can apply for a loan for buying a property from any of these financial establishments.

TD bank mortgage

Your credit score is an important factor

One of the main factors for determining the mortgage amount is the credit score of the applicant, Your credit score is calculated on the basis of your past payment history including your past loans, credit card bills, etc. The lenders check your credit score and decide on the mortgage limit on the basis of it. A person who has a higher credit score and better payment history is termed as a candidate who has a lesser possibility to become a defaulter. They get better loan options and lower interest rates. If you need to get a secured mortgage loan from a reputed institution, you need to improve your credit score and aim for a satisfactory offer for your home.

The debt-to-income ratio also matters

The debt-to-income or DTI ratio also is another factor in determining the home loan criteria for an individual. In genral the DTI ratio is 43% at the maximum. That means you can spend up to 43% of your monthly salary in paying the mortgage loan. The loan may be less if you have a lower salwry amount.

If you need to have a good mortgage rate, try to select a lending institution that offers lower DTI rates like 35% to 40% to get a better deal. Or you can also increase the mortgage amount by showing your other incomes from different sources.

The down payment can be a good factor

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