How to deal with Office 365 error code 30010-4?

The office 365 error code 30010-4 is usually seen when you are trying to install or you are upgrading to the new Office software with the help of Microsoft installation. If there is installation going on of the Microsoft Office in your operating system then there can be some missing files or other corrupted systems.

The office 365 error code 30010-4 creates a problematic situation and creates hindrances for MS Office apps that are a very important element to complete our projects and assignments related to business and studies. All you need to know is this usually occurs in Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, and Office 2013 that are versions later came with Office 365.

What are some of the causes of office 365 error code 30010-4?

Office files for installation are corrupted.

Pre-existing Office files with installation are not properly removed.

The office did not update completely or it is partially updated.

The Windows update is not installed on your system.

The antivirus or the firewall installed on the windows might block the Office installation.

There might be a third-party software affecting the installed software.

The office 365 error code 30010-4 is very frustrating and needed to be fixed to uninstall all the instances of MS Office and then reinstall all the apps that are not resolving issues so you need to try some of the steps given in this article.

The first step is to reinstall the Office installation file from Microsoft’s website that goes by the URL

Make sure you delete all the existing files on your operating system.

For this, you have to tap on the Windows logo+R and open the “Run” dialog box.

Just type” %Programfiles%” and tap on the “OK” button.

Now, you have to delete the “MS Office” folder and type “%ProgramFiles(x86)%” and tap on “OK” to proceed.

After this, delete the “Office” folder (if any) existing on your desktop.

Make sure you delete all the Office registry sub keys, by opening the “Registry editor” and deleting the registry subkeys showing on-screen.

Delete the Office key

You need to temporarily disable the firewall along with the antivirus software (if any) on your computer.

Point to understand:

What are the 10 steps to disable the Office firewall?

For this, you need to go to the “System and security” option and then go to the “Windows Firewall” followed by a click on the “Customise settings” option.

You need to open the “Control panel” option.

After this, search and go to the “System and security” that is followed by the “Windows Firewall” option.

Now, tap on the “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off” button.

You have to Turn Off Firewall on both public and private networks.

Just run the DSIM and system, file checker.

Open the command prompt as an administrator.

Just run the command: sfc/scannow.

It will now run the file labeled as “System file checker”.

Just run the command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth to complete the process.

To conclude:

Office 365 error code 30010-4

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