The Best Kitchen Helper Stools For Your Toddler


Many people have tried to look for alternatives that will see them work with their children. A child will want to assist you in your activities in the kitchen, or the child that wants to reach the sink to clean their hands. Thanks to the kitchen helper, it has now been made easy. The kitchen helper is even greater than the chairs or any stool.

A kitchen helper for toddlers is basically a piece of furniture that also acts as a step stool that will enable your child to reach the countertops and sinks, which are at a high level. In this article, we are going to help you know the best children's kitchen helper for you.

What Is A Kitchen Helper?

kitchen helper

Children will tend to help you when cooking in the kitchen. They will help you prepare a meal, watch you as you cook, play with their toys, or the water in the sink. All these activities will force you to look for a kitchen helper for your toddler. The kitchen helper will provide a wide, stable step comfort and supportive sides for the child.

Benefits Of Kitchen Helper Toddler

The kitchen helper toddler works in a very significant manner that will ensure your child is safe and very comfortable. It is basically a very safe option than the normal chair. The chair can also be folded if you are not using it.

The kitchen helper has numerous benefits which make it user friendly for children. It makes it safe for the children to be lifted over the counter in the kitchen. It has a height-adjustable, which is customized according to the child's size. This tool is a great thing that will ensure you have an excellent bonding time with your child when cooking.

You need to be careful to ensure that they do not contact the sharp knives, hot soups, pots, and other dangerous things that may harm them. The kitchen helper can be used by children ranging from 18 months to 6 years. The kitchen helper is the best for you.

Buying Guide For The Best Kitchen Helper Toddler

The kitchen helper becomes essential when the child needs to do things by themselves. You, however, need to know some several things before purchasing one. They include;

Height and stability

The height of the kitchen helper matches with that of the counter in the kitchen. We have simple ones that are like a small staircase.

Anti-slip surface

The kitchen helper's anti-slip surface needs to be slip-proof to offer a firm foothold for the child's feet. This will, in turn, see the child not slide and lose balance.


The kitchen help is mostly made of plastic, wood, or polypropylene to ensure they are durable, lighter, and safer than the metal.


You need to know the weight of the child and which kitchen helper matches the weight requirements.


Ensure that it can fit in the kitchen quickly and will allow you to move about the room very quickly.


The kitchen helper stools exist in a wide range of colors. You need to be able to choose which color will be favorite for your child so that they enjoy it when stepping on them.


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Top Kitchen Helper Stools

Kids Kitchen Step Stool Helper- Learning Toddler Towe

Looking for the best kitchen helper for your child, then try this stool. This stool offers freedom in the kitchen, that is, it will encourage the child to learn, interact, and help you in making dinner when standing on the toddler kitchen stools.

A child will have that feeling of action when at the counter height. They are also accommodating in the house. It is made from an excellent hardwood hence will have a great look in the kitchen. It is designed well in a modern compact way that has a removable back safety rail and the hardwood, which makes it very strong.

You can easily adjust the height; hence you will not worry yourself too much about the child outgrowing the stool as you can set it out to the optimum heights so that you can accommodate all the kids. The design is incredible as it is rounded over the edges for style and comfort.

SDADI Kid's Kitchen Helper Toddler Step Stool with Safety Rail

This kitchen helper is strong and will guarantee you stability for the child when in the kitchen. It is a product of the strong pine wood and the MDF wood that is strong and durable. It has the safety rails on the four sides to ensure the toddlers do not fall, and the sickly pads which are attached to the legs prevent them from skidding.

This kitchen helper has an adjustable height, and it is excellent for children of 1 to 5 years that weigh up to 150 pounds.

Little Partners Toddler and Adult Step Up Stool for the Kitchen with the 3 in 1 Adjustable Heights

This kitchen helper is great for children and adults. The kitchen helper has three different height options for the kitchen and the bathroom. It has a robust construction of both the solid birch wood with the anti-slip stickers.

It has a light feature that will enable you to move around the kitchen or any area within the house efficiently.


We have vividly discussed all the essential information you need to know about your children's kitchen helpers. For you to choose the best ones, the following are the features you need to have in mind; the guard rails, adjustable height, and easy to clean.

Having this knowledge will help you select the best kitchen helper and know how to use it properly.

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