How to Develop Your Own Food Delivery App like Grubhub?

The food delivery industry keeps on keeping its progressive growth, which you could have noticed in the last couple of years. Thus if you had plans to develop a food delivery app like Grubhub, it’s definitely the perfect time!

GrubHub is one of the most successful food delivery apps in the world with approximately 18.57 million net income in 2019. The company serves around 28 million active users and over 647,000 orders daily. The app is also known for being one of the easiest and most convenient of its kind. This is why many enterprises and business-minded individuals are getting interested in developing their own Grubhub clone app.

According to research conducted in the USA, more than 85% of users prefer food delivery apps because these apps make their life easier. Simultaneously, the food delivery apps market estimated to become a $16.6 billion by 2023.

Are you considering developing your own food delivery app like Grubhub but unsure what to do?

Grubhub like food delivery apps come with a Customer app, Driver app, Restuarant panel, and Admin panel.

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