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What is MVR monitoring?

MVR monitoring or MVR reports are not readily available. It is the driver's driving record that defines the driving ability. Therefore, MVR stands for Motor Vehicle Record. The driver should update the MVR check every 12 months and keep a record every 3 years. The carrier's reputation as a driver relies primarily on trucking MVRs.

As a truck driver, you can hire a driver by judging him on the MVR truck.

The MVR report considers the following information about driving history:

Specific driver's license information will be displayed to verify if the driver is legal.

You will also always see a query about suspending your license.

It reveals all the driver's accidents that happened throughout his driving career.

Violations of traffic rules are also registered in the MVR check.

If there is a vehicle crime committed by the driver in the past, we will also show it.

You can check the skill of the driver by checking the points of the driving record.

What are the features of MVR?

All states have a policy of managing MVR monitoring. Therefore, if you hire a truck driver from a different state, its functionality may be different. As technology has helped access MVRs by trucking via online systems. Setting up the MVR check has never been easier. Below are the standard MVR features you can get.

This will help you review your employees' recent MVR activity and email you with more details.

Monitor the driver through the driving type of the vehicle and where it is being serviced.

Access to driving records also tracks CDL licenses and DOT medical expiration dates by further monitoring the dates and records generated.

Analyze driver performance across routes and all specific events in day-to-day services.

This allows carriers to adopt different rules and policies by configuring all records and geographic areas.

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