Best Tips To Deal With Academic Pressure

academic writing

But can this be avoided? 

The simple answer is yes. Here are some helpful tips that will teach you to avoid the buildup of academic pressure.

Learn And Practice Academic Writing Techniques 

Academic pressure can get to students and build up performance anxiety. One way to avoid this is to make sure your performance is excellent. 

Learning academic writing can make you skilled enough to grow your performance seamlessly and efficiently.

Even if you know how to write already, revise how to write outlines, research proposals, and essay drafts, you should also re-learn how to research supporting evidence for academic writing assignments. 

Schedule A Daily Study Time Slot and Stick To It 

One way to avoid academic stress is to get ahead of things. You can only do this if you set aside time every day to read, revise, and work. 

Make sure to set a daily time slot of at least an hour to cover your assignments and create a separate time slot for readings and revisions. The length of these slots will depend on the amount of work you have or the semester exam schedule. 

Make Study Schedules For The Entire Semester 

While most students tend to procrastinate their studying until the end of the semester, you should break down revision work and write into a semester study schedule.  

This will help you work ahead of deadlines and get better grades. You might even be in your professor’s good graces if you get those research proposals early.  

Create To-Do Lists For Every Subject And Assignment

The organisation will help you manage academic pressure. So make sure to create to-do lists for every day and week. 

You can even use planners on your smartphone that will alert you when tasks need to be done. This will keep you on top of things for the semester, and when you are in control, you are less likely to be stressed. 

Make Subject-Wise Plans For The Entire Semester

Some courses will be more challenging than others. This is why it does not make sense to study for each for the same period. Work more on your areas of difficulty to get better grades and to manage your time better.   

A subject you are proficient in should not take as much time as a subject you are struggling to cover. If you find History easy, revise it for a half-hour and instead study for a more difficult subject like Chemistry. 

Go Offline During Study Time And Exam Periods

Gaming, social media, watching films will all make you unproductive. This will keep you behind schedule for the semester and cause unnecessary stress when deadlines approach. 

It’s best to go offline for your daily study time, so you read, write, revise and solve any course material in time. You can give your phone to your parents during this time slot. You can also log out of all the apps or keep your phone in a separate room. 

Make Room For Fun To Avoid Academic Pressure


Putting too much pressure on yourself is going to make your health and performance suffer. This is why you need to make time for fun activities. Take hikes or walks, go to social events, do your hobbies, and it will make you a better student. 

Take A Breathe From Academic Pressure: Time Rest And Self-Care 

Along with having fun, you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself. To be able to perform correctly, you need to eat, sleep, and groom yourself well. Mary Ann Hollingsworth says that self-care will lead to better self-regulation. 

It would be best if you had a daily schedule where you sleep for 8 hours, eat fruits and vegetables, have three meals, and a shower and exercise. If your daily schedule looks like this, you will automatically feel energized and rested enough to work in a daily regimen.    

No Procrastinating Things Till The Last Minute

Academic writing is difficult, but it gets that much harder if you leave it till the last minute. The pressure and anxiety build up as you struggle to meet deadlines for seven different courses at the end of the semester. 

One way to cope up with this is to avoid procrastination. Break down your assignments, readings, and revision work into small blocks to cover throughout the semester. 

This way, when the end of the semester rolls around, you will have completed most of the work. 

Having Trouble? Get Help From Academic Writing Tutors

Sometimes academic pressure is not caused by bad habits. Sometimes the assignments are too hard. Academic writing needs practice and guidance. 

Academic Writing tutors are often available as campus resources to help you research, write, and revise your assignments. Use these resources if you are confused or anxious about your assignments. 

Academic pressure becomes overwhelming at times, and it is okay to ask for help. If you are stuck on an essay, a review, or a research proposal, you can find help here.

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