Clonazepam Medicine: Live A Panic And Anxiety-Free Life

Panic attacks and anxiety may be sudden and often without any apparent cause. But once you start getting the attacks, you may develop strange and irrational fears and phobias that may lead to a disturbed and isolated life. There are a lot of things that can be done to stop them and one of them is taking the help of medicine. One such potent medicine used for the treatment of anxiety and panic orders is clonazepam.

Facts About Clonazepam

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Clonazepam is meant for use for a short period, usually 2 to 4 weeks. It is though not addictive if you take it for a short period, but could prove one causing dependency if you use it for long without following proper medical assistance from a doctor.

Anyone above the age of 18 years of age can be prescribed and take the medicine, but if you have certain conditions like the ones mentioned below, Clonazepam is not for you.

- If you are suffering from any liver, lungs, and/or kidney problems.

- Have conditions of personality disorder.

- Any breathing problems like asthma or sleep apnea.

- Have conditions that cause muscle weakness like myasthenia gravis.

- Have any history of alcohol or drug abuse.

- Have been suffering from depression or have been getting suicidal thoughts.

- If you trying to conceive, or is already pregnant, or is a nursing mother.

- Have an allergic reaction to Clonazepam or similar drugs in the past.

Clonazepam, like any other drug of the same class, has its own set of side effects. Some of the most common side effects that have been reported after taking Clonazepam area;

- Feeling of drowsiness and dizziness.

- Feeling unsteady and lightheadedness.

- Muscle weaknesses.

- Headaches.

- Difficulty falling asleep.

Some people may experience certain serious side effects on taking medicine. However it is rare, but if you happen to experience some as mentioned below, immediately report to the doctor and seek medical assistance.

- Shallow and slow breathing.

- The skin and the eyes turning yellow. It may be an indication of liver problems.

- Feeling confused and finding it difficult to remember things.

- Hallucinations and delusions.

- Difficulty in coordinating things.

- Feeling tired and fatigued.

- Mood changes

- Swollen ankles

If you develop rashes on your skin with itching sensation, trouble breathing, or swelling in your tongue, lips, face, and throat, you may have got an allergic reaction to the medicine, In such a case, immediately seek medical help.

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