Challenge Your Mind With All the Different Versions of Solitaire

You might think you know all about solitaire. But, you might also be surprised at all the different versions of the game. Klondike is the classic one that most people recognize. Cards are played on a tableau in descending rank and alternating colors. Play is on foundations in suits, starting with aces. You have a stockpile that can be dealt with when plays on tableau and foundations are no longer available. Dealing and scoring options are available, providing a variety of challenge levels.

Reasons to Play

Playing can be very relaxing, as there is no competition. You are only competing against yourself. Though it can get challenging, it is no big deal to just quit if you get frustrated. You won't be letting an opponent down, because you are the opponent.

There are other reasons to play, however. It has proven that playing a daily game can help keep your mind sharp. It may even help prevent such things as senility and Alzheimer's disease. The challenge of figuring out moves and trying to win means you have to focus your mind on one task. This helps keep you sharp.

Another reason you might want to engage in this activity is the convenience. It is available on cell phones, iPods, computers, and tablets. You can access it whenever and wherever you are. If you have to sit and wait on someone, you can occupy yourself and keep from being bored. It is easy to pick it up and play, then stop whenever you need to.

Different Difficulty Levels

Different versions have different difficulty levels. Some people like to play just for a quick, enjoyable break. These people would like easier levels. Others enjoy a challenge. They might want to try the harder levels. Some of the challenging ones are more fun but can get frustrating when you never seem to win. Thus, it might be best to switch back and forth between the levels.

Easier Versions

Some versions are very easy and mean a relaxing time for a quick respite from daily activities. Some go faster and require very little concentration. These include the following:

• Pyramid Solitaire

Freecell Solitaire

• Scorpion Solitaire

• Spider Solitaire

• Demon or Canfield Solitaire

Read the instructions online and note any tips or hints for relaxing play and more frequent wins.

More Challenging Versions

Other versions are much more challenging, and will not afford very many wins. Still, they are excited to try and do what seems to be impossible. These more difficult ones are:

• Aces Up Solitaire

• Gap Solitaire

• Scorpion Solitaire

• Spider Solitaire

• Golf Solitaire

• Tri-Peaks Solitaire

• Forty Thieves Solitaire

• Gin Rummy Solitaire

For sure, read the instructions and hints for play to get a least some wins.


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