How to Write an Essay Outline

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Figure Out the Dimensions of Your Topic

Every topic has a different dimension in terms of how much detail it needs to be defined. Certain topics will just need a very vague “History” section while others will require a history section divided into century-based sections. To understand how many headings, you need to understand the dimensions of your topic, you need to have a fair grasp of the topic. So, it is important to do your research before you get into constructing the actual outline of the essay.

Understand Your Essay’s Instructions

This part is extremely important for academic essays. It isn’t really valid for people that aren’t students since most students tend to write an essay for academic institutions, we thought it was best to mention this specifically. Most teachers have very specific instructions when it comes to the outline and it is important to carefully analyze these instructions to ensure that your outlines correlate with all the things mentioned by your professor. If you miss a couple of important points, marks will definitely be deducted from your grade.

Identify Your Audience

When it comes to the level of detail that has to go into your essay, you have to understand the perspective of the audience as well. Unlike the heading mentioned above, this one is specific for folks that aren’t writing the essay as an academic task. Basically, the amount of detail the outline requires relies heavily on how much of an expert your audience is. If your targeted audience comprises researchers, people that are experts in your niche, you might not have to delve that deep into the introduction and can cut to the chase without having to dwell on the background a lot.

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Closing Thoughts

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