Countermeasures of zinc alloy die casting blackening

Zinc alloy

Countermeasures to solve mold blackening of zinc alloy die casting and aluminum alloy die casting:

die-cast aluminum

2. The special water-based cutting fluid for Jinnuo zinc alloy solves the mold problem of zinc alloy die casting from the perspectives of cutting fluid, cleaning property, lubricity, storage environment and storage method, and provides anti-oxidation solutions for zinc die casting in various processes such as cleaning, pressure checking and storage.

3. The surface of die cast zinc alloy is blackened, especially after machining, showing black spots. This kind of circumstance may be the pressure when die casting is insufficient, workpiece sends density insufficient, form wool stoma so, these wool stoma is bibulous hind can appear this kind of problem. Therefore, it is necessary to start from the die-casting process to solve the problem.

In addition, impurities, mold release agent, etc. will also make the blank surface will appear this situation, if you must use the surface treatment method to eliminate (cover up), it is recommended that you use the natural color anodic oxidation. It just costs more. Through the above presentation, we believe that you can further understand zinc alloy die casting and aluminum alloy die casting.

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