How to help your relationship with Feng Shui remodeling

Bad habits can make for a bad relationship, but you have a couple of remedies when it comes to correcting those employed by the love of your life. You can nag him until you’re hoarse and he starts calling you a shrew. Or you can take up the ancient art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui for Breaking Your Guy’s Bad Habits While the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui may be ancient, it serves a highly practical purpose in the modern home. The point of Feng Shui is to have a happy flow of positive energy throughout your dwelling. You do this with strategic placement of furniture and objects, regularly opening windows to let in fresh air and sun, and following a host of little tips that ensure the energy flow stays strong and positive. And that’s impossible with an open toilet seat. Since the toilet drain is the largest drain in your house, Feng Shui says it’s the most detrimental. The large, open drain that flushes water out of your house is also capable of flushing out large quantities of good energy. Put down the toilet seat and you’re eliminating a major hazard. Other Feng Shui tips that can break you guy's bad habits: • Keep your bathroom sparkling clean. That means he can no longer leave wet towels on the floor or his trimmed whiskers in the sink. • Always close cupboard and closet doors. No explanation needed. • Only hang artwork that makes you feel positive. Here’s how to get rid of his Budweiser poster. • Never leave more than one pair of shoes near the front door. Goodbye, muddy hiking boots and beat-up Converse. • Make sure your home has open paths for effective energy flow. Anything in those paths impedes the flow of energy. This applies to his dirty socks, crumpled magazines and anything else he leaves carelessly strewn on the floor. Explaining all This to Your Guy You could get into the details of Feng Shui and explain why it’s important he correct these bad habits. Or you could simply make a dramatic scene and gasp about negative energy every time he leaves the toilet seat up. A single dramatic scene is usually enough to make your point, giving him all the reminder he needs to put down that toilet seat, pick up his towel or move those dirty socks. Hey, it is worth a try no? :)

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