How to Edit Photos Without Photoshop

Well, Photoshop is a very popular and useful software for Graphic designers and can edit any kind of photo. But it's not an easy task to edit your image on these tools.

If you have time and give at least 1 week to learn photoshop then its okay for you for basic work. but some hard work like you want to make a business card or you need some photo retouching then it's just worthless for 7 days, you need to spend huge time on photoshop. But for basic work like clipping path, background remove, image masking , color correction or simple retouch you can.

Other Hand you really don't want to work on photoshop but still you need to change your current image background with one click or need a transparent background then you can check below 3 options.

1. : This is a very popular site for changing your background with one click. You are also able to make transparent backgrounds easily with this site, they offer simple retouching but they are not professional but i say still effective.

2. Canva : Canva is one of the most popular and alternative websites struggling with Photoshop. you can change your background image, or create your desired business card, or logo design or able to make a thumbnail for your social media platform or your youtube channel. But if you need a transparent background it's a little bit hard for you.

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